Section 16 Filings

As required under Section 16(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Form 4 filings are made for the directors and executive officers of The Charles Schwab Corporation when transactions resulting in a change of beneficial ownership of any class of the Company's equity securities occur. These transactions include purchases and sales of common stock, gifts, grants of restricted stock, restricted stock units and stock options, and other transfers.

The director's or executive officer's name links directly to the most recent filings on the SEC website.

Board of Directors Executive officers
John K. Adams, Jr. Bernard J. Clark
Walter W. Bettinger II* Jonathan M. Craig
Marianne C. Brown Peter B. Crawford
Joan T. Dea Joseph R. Martinetto
Christopher V. Dodds Peter J. Morgan III
Stephen A. Ellis Nigel J. Murtagh
Mark A. Goldfarb Rick Wurster
Frank C. Herringer  
Brian M. Levitt
Gerri K. Martin-Flickinger
Bharat B. Masrani
Todd M. Ricketts  
Charles A. Ruffel  
Arun Sarin  
Charles R. Schwab*  
Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz  
Paula A. Sneed  

*Also a member of executive management