Safety and security for clients and the community

July 20, 2022 Chelsey Sleator
Mark Hoageson has had two separate jobs for nearly three decades and says it's the family-like environment that keeps him coming back each day.

“All of us want the best job in the world,” explains Mark Hoageson, a Schwab employee of 20 years based in Richfield, OH. “Some people will never find it and some people don’t know they have it.”

Mark is one of those who knows what he has and says he’s lucky enough to have found it twice.

At Schwab, Mark is a systems engineer, where he supports about 40 different products and websites for Retirement Plan Services (RPS). He says the thing that keeps him at Schwab is the culture and that he is treated like family.

Mark also holds a part-time position of 32 years with the Richmond Heights Police Department, where he currently serves as the Auxiliary Police Captain. In this role, Mark focuses on creating special moments for children.

For Halloween, Mark decorated his police cruiser and drove through the streets playing the “Ghostbusters” theme over the PA while handing out candy. And for the holidays, he did the same but with Christmas carols.

“Kids were high fiving us. They took pictures of us. It was really cool,” recalls Mark. “My goal is to build bridges in the community and make them feel engaged and safe.”

Different jobs, same community feeling

That same thinking around a community culture and treating others like family is also what Mark brings to his work at Schwab.

“They seem like two completely different roles,” he says, comparing his police work and his job at Schwab. “But they are actually so similar. Our customers and clients want to feel safe and secure financially at Schwab. They want to know they can stay here and that they don’t have to worry. Just like they feel about their community.”

Mark plans to continue with his two roles. He recalls that when he started at Schwab 20 years ago, “Schwab treated me like I wanted to be treated, and that’s what I wanted. I do the same with my customers in RPS technology, and it’s also what I do in my outside work with the police department.”